Master consistent income & sustainable sales for your life-first business

What’s the ONLY difference between a female entrepreneur who confidently and consistently sells out her offers without working ALL the hours …

and one who spends all her energy online without much to show for it, feels overwhelmed by all the things she “should” be doing, doesn't have a clear plan or strategy and falls into the comparison trap scrolling her feed?

If you guessed…

​“she has a big team who does all the work for her”

“she’s constantly in her DMs hard selling”

“she spends all her time creating content”

“she must have a huge email list or social media following”

"insert ALL the projections & beliefs coming up right now*

you’d be so damn wrong.

If you want to see tangible results, as in consistent income in your business, you have to master SALES.

And when it comes to sales, it’s not just about sales calls or launches. 

It's about setting up a system that works FOR you, not the other way around: from your offers to your messaging, your sales mindset, your brand, positioning, content and more.

It's all part of creating your own simple, life-first process for consistent, sustainable and predictable high sales months.

You may have heard that quote about how "6 months of focus can put you 5 years ahead"?

That's literally what we're doing here.

6 months to design YOUR dream business & income. 

I honestly had no idea there was so much that goes into the sales process and Claudia explains it in a great and concise way!

Beth Edwards

The first step to your life-first business is feeling safe in knowing your income is not here today and gone tomorrow.

 Believe me, sustainability has never been sexier than when it shows up in your bank account every.single.month. 

BSA is the proven group program for the early-stage entrepreneur wanting consistent sales and the female entrepreneur who's ready to get off the income rollercoaster once and for all.

Get ready to master easy, predictable sales in only 6 months. 

Learning & unlearning the strategy, the mindset and the habits

Experimenting & gathering feedback (no action = no results)

Tweaking & refining (this is where we take things to the NEXT level!

And you might be thinking "6 months?! That's a long time!". it?

Selling runs so deep into your entire business and mindset that we need to go in deep. 

A quick sales program MIGHT work, sort of. You might get some clarity. Ideas. Even wins. Shifts.

But not repeatable success. (which is what I'm about).

And definitely not a holistic, personalised strategy.

That takes deep work and time.

And I don't know about you, but I don't put energy into short-term hacks if it means I have to start over again from zero next month.

Inside BSA, we take your hand & guide you through the 3 stages of consistent sales mastery:

I appreciated Claudia's honesty and the way she teaches and makes abstract things easy to understand.

With BSA, I went from 2 clients to 16 in just a few months and I increased my prices from £300 to £1997, something I had really struggled with.

I always felt that she genuinely cared about me and my success and through her super down-to-earth and tangible teaching style, I was able to shift my limiting beliefs . 

I also found the group calls incredibly helpful and a great place to get my questions answered so I could move forward.

If you are on the fence and are the type of person who doesn't like things to be sugar coated, Claudia is amazing!

She really hits the sweet spot between no BS and genuine care and support for you. 

Megan Collins

Doors re-opening in August & the next co-hort starts mid-September.

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Badass Sales Academy

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Claudia gave me the confidence to 'just do it'. Before working with Claudia, I created content that attracted people but felt uncomfortable converting.

I used to find selling very overwhelming and she helped me to overcome barriers and sell with ease.

Catherine Casey

I want to be on the waitlist!

So what is the difference between that female entrepreneur who confidently and consistently sells out her offers and the one who spends all her energy online, feeling overwhelmed, but without much to show for it?

She decided to stop struggling alone.

She decided to stop falling for the BS tactics and strategies and stop wasting time on things that make her “look” busy but don’t bring any reward (except a headache from staring at her phone for hours a day).

She decided that she was worthy of consistent sales. 

She decided she was going to keep her promises to herself.

She started showing up authentically to make her dream life and business a reality.

She started focusing on the thing that really matter– that brings real results.

The thing that is repeatable, sustainable and easy to do over and over, once you know how:


It's your turn to do the same inside Badass Sales Academy.